Bear Grylls, star of the hit adventure and survival series Man vs. Wild speaks during a press conference with regards to his new book on His Spiritual Experiences

California: Discovery Channel’s ‘Man Vs Wild’ fame, anchor Bear Grylls testifies that Faith in God is one of the most important aspects in his life. In an interview with the Fox Media Channel, he stated that his new book, ‘Soul Fuel’ is all about his experience about God experiences. According to his statement,  Grylls believes in the power of a supernatural being, and it is none other than Jesus Christ himself. Talking about the premise of his latest book, and the world-famous presenter said that it has records of certain incidents that shook his life in times of adversities and how he coped up with all such situations, by gripping through strong faith and God’s presence. 

He lost his father at the age of 25.  He regards this as the most gruesome situation in his life. According to a testimonial, he reveals that his strong faith is the only means he could come out of such depressing chapter of his life. In his book, he reveals various methods he uses to find happiness and peace through spiritual means. 

Along with the book, Grylls has attached an audio note to emphasize the purpose of the book. Recently, while filming an episode with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he began the chapter with a prayer. This was highly celebrated by netizens, all over.


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