California: Atheists have expressed displeasure on the actions of justice who presented her personal Bible to the accused after the verdict. The accused, who killed the victim mistaking him to be someone else, was sentenced to 10 years of jail. Following the verdict, the judge, Dummy Komps in an attempt to console the accused, give her the personal Bible which stirred up resentment among many atheists. An atheist organization, Freedom from Religious Foundation, race protests against the situation. The representatives of the organization, the son of the former President Ronald Reef filed a case against the judge on the pretext of misconduct and misuse of power, at the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct body. 

However,  the First Liberty Institute, an organization that fights for the freedom of religion, based in Texas has confirmed their support for the judge. The Legal counselor of the organization, Hiram Saucer has represented the group and conveyed gratitude to the judge. After the disposal of justice, the judge visited the accused and handed over her personal Bible and consoled her by using a few quotes from the Bible. This, however, didn’t go down well and provoked the group of atheists. 


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