His Excellency Archbishop Filipe Neri Ferrao of Goa and Daman has appealed to parish priests, heads of institutions and other bodies of the archdiocese to pray and help those affected by unprecedented floods in Kerala.

As reported by mattersindia.com, the archbishop said in an August 17 circular that “We are receiving reports from various sources of the media regarding unprecedented rains causing floods and landslides throughout the state of Kerala, with huge loss of property and even of precious human life. More than two lakh (200,000) people are rendered homeless, while water levels continue to rise, causing fear and panic in the whole State.” Further, His Grace Bishop added, “The Church in Goa would like to express its solidarity and sympathy with dying thousands of people who have lost their homes and other possessions. We appeal to all to offer fervent prayers for the hapless victims of this disaster, particularly those who lost their dear ones, suffered injuries and are left with nothing.”

Caritas India, the Indian Catholic bishops’ social service wing for humanitarian work has already joined Kerala government and other agencies to provide immediate relief and assistance to the affected people.




Source: www.mattersindia.com