MEXICO CITY – Lockdown, part of preventive measures against the coronavirus epidemic, has seen a significant decline in Mexico’s abortion rates. According to the June 7 report of the Mexican Daily L’Universal, the abortion rate has fallen by nearly 40 percent during the lockdown. The reason for this is that government restrictions placed on lockdown during the lockdown could not reach pregnant women in abortion centers. The report also cited delays in imported contraceptive pills and the inability of women to access abortion centers.

Meanwhile, Alison Gonzalez, spokeswoman for the March for Life organizers ‘Passos Por La Vida’ (Steps for Life), said that at this time of the epidemic, it is unbelievable that there are institutions that think only about abortion. Gonzalez alleged that instead of promoting public policies to detect and eliminate the real causes of abortion, some institutions were trying to promote abortion during the Coronation.

Maria Lourdes Varela, director of ’40 Days for Life’, a proliferation organization in the eBore-American region, also came out strongly condemning the pressures for permission to perform abortions at home during the epidemic. She said that children should not be treated as enemies and that they have the same rights as ours. From 2007 to 12 weeks abortion is legal in Mexico City.


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