Fr. Teresito Soganub, a senior Philippines priest who was abducted by IS-inspired militants in the conflict that torn southern city of Marawi, has been rescued after almost four months of captivity, by the Philippines military. The news of his release was announced by Jesus Dureza, the peace adviser of President Rodrigo Duterte on his Facebook account, on 17th September,2017 but he military officials confirmed the news on 18th September, because of the ongoing rescue operations to secure other hostages in a small pocket in Manawi.

As reported by, His Excellency Bishop Edwin Dela Pena of Marawi remarked that “I am happy receiving messages about Fr. Chito’s rescue no matter how hazy they are.” The younger sister of Fr. Soganub, Marilyn Soganub-Ginnivan said “The family is overjoyed to learn that he (Fr. Soganub) was free and safe and we are still waiting for his call, we have been praying for his freedom and for the other captives since they were abducted and now God answered our prayers.”

Military officials of the Philippines said that nearly 900 have died in the four-month conflict and for the last month, the military highlighted that they are fighting up to 50 die-hard militants in a 500sq-meter area.