Sydney: A picture of a Sydney-based mum with her eyes on a child’s accidental separation and the subsequent incident is being discussed on social media. This Christian mother, Leila Abdallah, testifies to the world the courageous example of the patience of Christ’s teaching to forgive the heart of a drunken truck driver who took the lives of her three children. Samuel William Davidson’s truck crashed into four children, including three of Leela Abdalla’s three children, as they were walking along Buttington Road near Sydney’s Oatlands Golf Club this Saturday. He was driving while intoxicated.

Leila’s children Anthony, Sienna, and Angelina, and their cousin, were brutally killed on the spot. Four deaths. Even after the funeral, when the heart is at its peak, the mother with a rosy eyes says, ‘I have no complaint’. “I understand that he was driving drunk. I don’t hate him. I don’t want to see him, but I don’t have any hostility toward the man. I think in my heart that I should forgive him. I’m not going to hate him because we are not people to hate.”

The mother told the media that she would train her children to read the Bible, to pray, to share their faith with others. The image of Leila Abdullah and her words have touched the hearts of many on social media. A large number of people come to the place of prayers to offer prayers. Daniel and Leila Abdallah had six children. Despite losing three of them, this Iranian-born mother is setting an example for the world; of forgiveness, she learned from Christ.


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