LOS ANGELES: The Catholic Archdiocese Church of Los Angeles’s different approach adopted by Paris Priest Rev. Fr. Goyo Hidalgo was striking. He had arranged for Christmas messages to be read in trusted messages, such as footwear, letters, decorations, and household items for sale at major vendors, including Hobby Lobby and Target.

Images of “God” written with stockings and letters and “Jesus” written by Fr. Goyo had been posted on social media. His distinctive evangelistic portrayals of Christmas gained widespread acceptance in the media. Many had commented on his efforts. It was worth noting that the photos, which were tweeted on December 19, had received numerous comments, including those from the US Patriarch. 

“I like Catholicism. The world needs a lot of people like you, ”commented Leigh Goth Mom. Another user commented that those who need a sign to seek God should see it and seek God. “Beautiful. Jesus is the cause of this celebration. There are also comments like “Keep Christ on Christmas.” However, the clergy’s neo-evangelization efforts have gone viral in the new media.


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