The story of Dalu, a native of Shanghai, China, who accepted the Catholic faith, is fascinating. His conversion testimony has become a hotly debated topic in the Catholic world as he shared with the Catholic News Agency, about the days he traveled in search of the true God. Dalu’s life turned in 2009 when he sang for Christmas Carol. He saw online that people were being recruited into the choir of the Catholic Church in Shanghai, and he replied.

Soon he became a member of the Church choir. Prior to training, the parish priest would read the Bible portion of the day for members of the choir. The songs they sang impressed Dalu, and it struck his heart. He particularly liked the Latin music of Panis Angelicus. In the meantime he has begun to ask others the meanings of various songs. Christmas Day came shortly afterwards.

They sang the famous Christmas song, Silent Night. He says he was bursting with joy after the singing. At an early age, his family instilled in him the desire for truth and goodness. This goodness and the traditions and faith of the Catholic Church began to draw him closer to the Church. Earlier, the clergyman had asked Dalu to conduct a faith training soon after he joined the choir. He studied deeply about the Catholic Church and the church’s position in China.

In 2010, the faith test was conducted. He learned that China was part of the Catholic Church, the underground church and the Patriotic Church, both of which were affiliated with the Chinese government. Dalu says that the Patriotic Church also has clever clergymen. But there are those in the Patriotic Church who have no qualifications. The clergyman who approached the Dalu Faith Training was a strong faith zealous priest. The clergyman taught Dalu the true meanings of the gospel.

Although he was serving as a priest in the Patriotic Church, about six hundred meters from his home, he would travel 10 miles to attend the Mass, which was offered by a practicing clergyman. Dalu began to read the Bible at the behest of the clergyman. So he accepted the Catholic faith on December 20, 2010 in Shanghai. Dalu was 47 years old at the time. He recalls how the holy water clergyman burst into his head and burst like a baby. He took the name of St. Paul.

After his baptism, Dalu’s life began to change. He learned to forgive others. He became a good husband and father. Even his wife was shocked at the stunning change that came with her husband. Dalu, who later worked as a radio jockey, lost his job due to speaking on the radio at Tiananmen Square Anniversary Day. He later worked for Catholic Communications in Shanghai. But Dalu had to leave the country because of threats from the Chinese government. Today he lives in Italy. He says that his passion for the church inspired him to choose Italy. He now hopes that many people will come to the faith in China in the coming years.


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