Taiwan: The Catholics in the city of Taiwan in China have united against the local government, which deems to demolished the entrance of the famous Our Lady of Sorrows pilgrim temple in Donjaru near Taiwan City, China. More than a hundred people attended the festal celebrations on the 15th of September. Thereby, the faithful requested the government to forbid the demolition. According to the believers, the entrance door of the shrine is called ‘the door of heaven’. As per statements by the local government, the decision to demolish the entrance came over, because the door was too high.

If other reports are to be believed, the demolition comes as a result of the development plan, which would result in constructing a highway through the area where the shrine is located.  Until yesterday, it was said that the entrance was the sole target of demolition, but other news surfaced that the local government is planning to break down the entire place of worship.

The Shrine dates back to 1924. This famous pilgrim center witnesses people from the length and breadth of China visit, on the 15th of September which happens to the feast day of Our Lady of Sorrow.  Of late, the Chinese local government has demolished various shrines that include the ones of Christians and the Muslims. As per the official statement,  the Chinese government has taken such an offensive decision on the pretext of Chinese nationalization. 


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