And Jacob the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary, and Mary was the mother of Jesus who is called the Messiah. Mathew 1:16

The word ‘mother’ itself lends across our minds so many thoughts, feelings & affection because motherhood is above all relationships and owns so much glory,then the motherhood of Mary is indescribable and above all glory !The name of Mary as the mother of God is above all names. Mary as a divine channel of God,called to be the mother of his beloved son.She carried out all the duties of a normal mother keeping aside all her divinity ! Mary’s upbringing of her son Jesus was so supreme that he grew in wisdom. Mary was a representative of a common mother as she had to undergo so much of trials, become a widow, loose her son and so on but yet she was strong and said yes to the will of God without questioning and keeping aside all the pains of a woman. That’s where she played the role of being divine. Mary is considered to be a role model to women of this world since ages and women have called upon her in distress to gain the strength she had to face all the difficulties. Let us today kneel down before the mother of God who not only took baby jesus in her lap but also took down Jesus from the cross on her lap. Let us pray to mama Mary to be a source of strength and give us the courage to face all the trials and tribulations that we come across. The world bows down before a GREAT MOTHER today ! Praise be to the mother of Christ !

Intentions: Let us pray for all childless couples today as we remember the motherhood of Mary !


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